How We Use Cookies

A cookie is a small file stored in your web browser when you visit a website. Websites use cookies for such basic necessities as "user sessions" (i.e. knowing and remembering if you are logged in or not) and to record which pages you visit.

The website is built on the Drupal Content Management Framework, which doesn't set session cookies for anonymous visitors to our website, though we may use standard unmodified Drupal cookies in various other scenarios. All code related to our use of cookies is open source and a copy can be downloaded here for your perusal. We also use Google Analytics to track and analyze our web traffic.

How Green Crescent uses cookies

Cookies that remember your preferences

We use standard "session identification" cookies. These cookies are used to distinguish users from one another in order to provide a customized experience. For example, for users logged into our website, a cookie helps us keep you logged in and makes sure that you have access to the appropriate content as you navigate from page to page. In other instances, cookies help us avoid the need for us to ask you the same question over and over again (like will you accept cookies). We just save your answer in the cookie instead of asking again and again and again.

Cookies that help us understand how our site is used

Green Crescent uses Google Analytics to measure and analyze what people do on our site. This is the gold standard of online analytics tools and we use it to look at things like which pages are most popular (and which ones aren't), which browsers people use, how they arrive at our site, etc. - all of which allows us to keep improving the website as well as make informed marketing decisions.

If you wish to restrict, block or delete cookies, you can do this through your web browser. Instructions for how to remove cookies for all versions of all of the major web browsers can be found online with a standard search.

These are all standard, uncontroversial uses of cookies and we do not seek or record any personally identifiable information or track our visitors outside of the domain.

If you have any questions about the way we use cookies, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.