Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide certified translations?

Yes, upon request we can issue our standard certificate of translation, a sample of which can be found here. Hard copies can be provided as needed via standard mail service. This certification has stood the test of time and has been recognized by courts and government officials around the world. However, please be advised that there is no universal controlling legal authority in the realm of translation certification making the definition of what constitutes an "official" or "certified" translation rather confused. Please consult with your legal adviser in order to assess the fitness of our standard certification for your purposes.

Do you provide apostille services?

Apostille entails the official authentication of documents for the purpose of legal recognition in foreign nations. However, only those nations participating in the Hague Convention of 1961 recognize apostille. For non-participating nations, documents can also be "authenticated." You can read more about document certification at

We do not provide such services as they are outside of the scope of translation services and deal exclusively with the legal recognition of original, untranslated source documents.

Can you notarize your certificate?

Yes, we can notarize our certificate within our local jurisdiction for an additional fee. We cannot notarize our certificate in jurisdictions in which we do not have offices.

Can you arrange to have your linguists testify in court?

If the need for in-person court appearance may be required, please let us know prior to beginning a project. Any such requirement must be cleared beforehand, otherwise this will not be possible.

Can you provide references?

We provide a record of noteworthy clients on our website as well as publish the occasional testimonial for marketing purposes but we prefer not to contact current clients to assist us in acquiring new clients and will generally not accept projects where this is expected.

Can you provide samples?

Yes, we are happy to provide samples of our work. We do not provide samples of previous translations performed for other clients due to our standing non-disclosure agreements, however we would be happy to provide a sample translation of a short, randomly selected text representative of your project.

What if we find a mistake in a translation?

We'll correct it free of charge. Clients formally have 15 days upon receipt of a translation to request any corrections. Requests made after that time frame will be considered at the discretion of the project management team.

We just modified the source text, can you update the translation?

Certainly, but updates based on modifications made to a source text after we have translated it will bear an additional charge, usually an hourly fee. So, please don't forget to track your changes so we can identify them more quickly.

We need you to sign an NDA or other legal agreement, is this possible?

If you have documents that require our signature, please present them in their entirety for our review prior to beginning a project. If documents are presented after a project has begun, we may or may not be able to sign them.

Can you provide us with a W9?

Yes, we will happily provide you with a W9 from.