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Transferring Files

Large files choke in-boxes and often get flagged and filtered, never making it to their intended recipients. But not to worry, there are a number of excellent alternatives to old-fashioned email. Large files can be sent using any of the tried-and-true methods listed below.


WeTransfer was founded in 2009 as the simplest way to send big files around the world. In 2018, Fast Company named WeTransfer one of the world’s most innovative companies and "a hub for creative communities.”


Sync is a secure option to send and receive files of any size securely and the best part is that the receiver doesn't need to sign up for an account or even install any special software or app to download the files. Everything is done via one's web browser by clicking a link and going to a secure URL where files can be exchanged.


A project manager will gladly create a dedicated space for you on one of our severs that you can access with any FTP client. In the event you're not familiar with FTP (which stands for File Transfer Protocol), it is a program that you install on your computer that allows you to transfer files from one place to another - in this case, from your local drive to our servers.

If you do not have an FTP client, we highly recommend FileZilla which is the net's preeminent free, open source FTP client. You can read about it here and download it here.

It's quite simple, just download and install normally and then enter the login details we provide you. The rest is as simple as navigating around your own computer.

screenshot filezila quick connect

Host: url or ip address we provide you
Username: username we provide you
Password: password we provide you
Port: 21 or 22

Google Drive

Google allows Gmail users to share files of up to 10GB by placing them in Google Drive and then sending a link to share. The free tier gives users 15GB of storage. This allows you to share large files at zero cost, provided that the space is recycled by deleting previously sent files to make space for new ones. The Google Drive website can be found here.


MediaFire currently offers a free account with 10GB of storage. Users can upload files either from one's computer or directly from the web. In order to share, all you need to do is generate a link on the MediaFire website. You can sign up for MediaFire here. It also comes with a very affordable paid subscription for organizations that need to move large files frequently.


Dropbox offers free file transfers with no limit with respect to the file size that can be uploaded via their desktop application or mobile apps. You can read about it here and download the desktop client here.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere also offers 10GB completely free. You can visit the website here. It currently offers 100GB of storage and file transfers of 50GB per file for a very low monthly fee.


SpiderOak offers secure, encrypted file transfer and storage with 2GB "free for life." You can read more about SpiderOak here or visit their website here.


Hightail currently offers free file transfers under their "Lite" option for files of up to 250MB (250 megabits) which is more than sufficient for most projects. You can read about it here and sign up for the service here.

From Your Server to Ours

In the event that we need to transfer mass amounts of data or entire websites, Green Crescent can coordinate with your IT person or web-host to deploy more advanced server to server transfers.

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