Editing & Revision Services

Green Crescent provides professional editing services in over 100 languages!
Conected devices and items symboling conectivity needed for editing and revision for langauge service providers.

Editing is an essential step in the quality control process and a first-rate editor is the key to a quality translation.

In the language services industry, editing involves comparing a draft translation to its original source line by line with a primary focus on identifying and correcting serious errors that can do harm to a user, operator, patient, or consumer; cause damage to the product or to the equipment used in conjunction with the product; cause serious misrepresentation of the author’s intentions or the client’s products or services; and/or do damage to the client’s reputation as well as fixing a wide range of less serious errors that can damage the ethos of an individual or organization.

Common errors, according to the SAE J2450 Translation Quality Metric, include:

  • using the wrong term, using misapplied terminology, inconsistent or sub-optimal terminology
  • syntactic errors such as using incorrect part of speech, incorrect phrase structure or incorrect word orders
  • omissions by failure to include something contained in the source text
  • word structure or agreement errors
  • misspelling
  • punctuation errors
  • typos, pagination, incorrect units, formatting errors, superfluous text, and text that should be, but has not been, translated

Green Crescent offers services in editing and revision of translated documents in concert with our own services or independently.

The cost of editing is influenced by variables such as language, subject matter, turn around time, and the quality of the original translation.

We typically do a general review as well as take a random sample of the original translation in order to generate a quality score which we use to determine the quality of the original and the amount of work required to bring the translation up to standards.

The cost of editing can be as little as 30% of the cost of a primary translation for a work of extremely high quality as much as 100% of the cost in the even that the primary translation would take more time to repair than simply re-translate from scratch.

Total Quality Score Calculator

Serious Minor
5 4 3 2 1 Score
Wrong term 0
Syntactical errors 0
Omissions 0
Morphological errors 0
Misspellings 0
Punctuation errros 0
Miscellaneous 0
Total errors 0
Error rate 0%
Weighted errors 0